Ammonia test kit

Ammonia test kit


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Model Number
  • Ammonia Aquarium Water Test Kit
  • Liquid
Test Type
  • Ammonia Test
Suitable For
  • Salt and Fresh Wate
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Fill a clean test tube with 5 ml of sample water to be tested .. add ammonia test solution A- 6 drops .. add ammonia test solution B- 6 drops .. add ammonia test solution C- 6 drops .. swirl gently for 5 seconds .. wait for 5 minutes for color developement .. read the test result by comparing the color chart ( choose from either color chart fresh water or salt water ..) compare the color against the white back ground .. the clotest match indicates the ammonia in parts per milllion (ppm) (or) milligram / litre .. caution : keep out of reach childern .. not for human use . store at room temperature and away from light .. for best result store at refrigeration temperature ( 4 degree celsius ).

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