Pet Grooming Slicker Brush with Thick Metal Bristles for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits


Pet Grooming Slicker Brush with Thick Metal Bristles for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits


material Metal
brand comb
hair type All
color multi-colored
size large
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  • Healthy Coat: Our dog grooming brush with our dog slicker is an effective way to keep your pet’s hair healthy by removing mats, tangles, dirt and loose fur from your pet’s coat, keeping your pet’s coat healthy. Keeps it healthy and clean. You can use our brush as pet massager after bath, it will give soft and smooth feeling to your pet.
  • EASY WASH: Our product is a self cleaning brush, after combing just push the button and the bristles fully retract, leaving you with a neat rectangular wad of fur that the brush slides into Is. It is the best stuff for rabbit, cat or short medium or large coat like Persian cats, Labrador, Husky, Shih Tzu German, puppy or adult pet.
  • COMFORTABLE & ANTI-SLIPPER HANDLE: The perfect ergonomic design with a wonderfully comfortable anti-slip handle prevents hand and wrist strain, no matter how long you brush your pet. This is a perfect birthday gift for your pet which is better than the hand gloves you use while bathing. Softly and gently on the skin. A care for your pet
  • Safe Shedding & Grooming: This is one of the best pet supply product you can come across, as this dog grooming brush removes most of the loose hair and undercoat without scratching or scratching the pet’s skin or pet’s surface. Unlike the steel rake, or the uncomfortable glove. It lets your pet enjoy the massage. A must have for your pet.
  • For Dogs and Cats: Ideal for long haired or short haired dogs or cats with thin or thick coats. It gives the best flea and tick control treatment and also grooms your pet well. It is a detangler, groomer and remove trimmed hair from the body.

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