Pet Life Pure Organic Antiseptic Freshener Spray Dog

Pet Life Pure Organic Antiseptic Freshener Spray Dog


brand                                   petslife pets life
target species Dog
item form liquid
Specific use for the product

  • Dry skin
  • Bacteria
  • Tangled hair
  • Fungal issues
  • Skin irritation


total quantity 200.0 ml
package information bottle
Item Weight 200 ml
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  • PREMIUM AROMATIC QUALITY: Pet Life Antiseptic Freshener keeps animal dog coat fresh, shiny and soft between baths. This wonderful freshener is made from cucumber extracts and smells pleasant.
  • Treats skin infections: Infused with extracts of neem leaves and rita. Pet Life Antiseptic Freshener treats skin infections and gives instant relief from ticks and scabies.
  • Naturally Grown Ingredients: Our fresheners are made with natural odor neutralizers made with a synergistic blend of essential oils, without any harsh chemicals or any other ingredient that can cause harmful side effects. It contains cucumber juice, reetha extract, neem leaves and glycerin which is the reason why it is an effective solution.
  • Gentle and Safe Formula: This easy to use product contains no alcohol, phosphates, sulfates, or parabens. It provides gentle, safe and effective results. Safe to use for all breeds.
  • How to use: Spray cucumber freshener all over the body avoiding the eyes, comb through and release the dog’s hair.

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