RS Electrical RS3000 HANG ON FILTER

RS Electrical RS3000 HANG ON FILTER


Product Name: Waterfall Style Bio-Fileter RS-3000

Type: Aquariums & Accessories

Aquarium & Accessory Type: Filters & Accessories

Color:  Black

Brand Name: RS Electrical

Style: Freestanding

Model Number: RS-3000

Material: Plastic. Electronics. Metal components

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power: 7 W

Flow: 1600L/H (even good for 3-4 ft tank)

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  • To clean pump, remove the front plate and the inmpeller,use a small brush or strearn of water to remove any debris.
  • A clogged or dirty intake screen will greatly reduce performance.if the pump is used on a dirty surface
  • Raise it slightly to reduce the amount of debris contacting the intake.if less is described,adjust the flow control lever

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