Vast Forest Bentonite Cat Litter -Lemon(10L )

Vast Forest Bentonite Cat Litter -Lemon(10L )


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Vast forest litter sand is made with high-quality natural bentonite and made with the most efficient processing technology. It has outstanding absorption and odor lock formula which helps to absorb the cat’s urine and eliminate the bad smells that come from the cat’s feces and ammonia.

Its instant clumping ability provides you with easy scooping and wet granules will not stick to your cat’s paws. Bentonite cat litter is safe and has no toxic additives. 99% dust-free, safe to people and pets. Screening the clay three times create the feature of no dust which can bring a better environment for cat owners.

How to Use:

1)Fill litter tray with 3-4 inches of vast forest cat litter sand. The depth allows cats to dig and cover their waste naturally

 2)Remove clumps and solid waste daily to keep the rest of the litter fresh.

3) Do not flush the scoops, throw them into the trash can

4) Maintain 3-4 inches depth by adding more litter sand to replace what you have scooped out.

5)  Always wash hands after handling litter tray

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