Venus Aqua Vs-220f Aquarium Filter (500l/h 6w )

Venus Aqua Vs-220f Aquarium Filter (500l/h 6w )


  • Venus Aqua
Model Number
  • Vs-220f Aquarium Filter 500l/h 6w for Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Filter
  • Sponge
Filtration Type
  • Mechanical
Suitable For
  • Salt Water and Fresh Water
Suitable Water Volume
  • 500 L
Filtration Accuracy
  • 99%
Filtering Area
  • 100 sq. cm
Filter Circulation
  • 500 L/hr
Pump Included
  • Yes
Model Name
  • Vs-220f Aquarium Filter 500l/h 6w for Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Filter
  • Plastic
Minimum Tank Usage
  • 10 L
Maximum Tank Usage
  • 25 L
Number of Pores
  • 1
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Venus Aqua Vs-220f Aquarium Filter 500l/h 6w for Aquarium fish tank Internal Filter Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz Power: 6 WATT Flow: 500 liters of water per hour. It can work completely underwater. It keeps your water clean. Provides long-term filtration. Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums. There is an air hose in the box so that it can give air to the aquarium when necessary. Instruction manual It is used by placing it on the inner surface of the aquarium with the help of the suction cup on the back of the filter so that it remains completely submerged in the water. Only air hose should remain outside the water. Before cleaning the plug must be pulled from the absolute. If the filter is removed and cleaned at regular intervals, it will make the filter function more healthy. Warnings: The filter must be in continuous operation. It should only be stopped for cleaning and it should be cleaned in a short time and run again. It may cause electric shock. Cleaning is recommended after unplugging. Cleaning the filter should only be done with water and no detergent should be used. In order for the filter to function fully, the filter must be constantly checked and cleaned. The filter should be careful not to damage the power cord. The filter should not be used for any other purpose. It should not be operated outside of water. It should not be stored near heat sources.

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